Whatsapp Off 11.30Pm to 6.00AM by Narendra Modi-Trending Whatsapp Fake News

Recently a viral message has covered the full Whatsapp, which is ‘Whatsapp Off 11.30Pm to 6.00AM by Narendra Modi‘.

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  • But what actually happens?
  • will really Whatsapp Off 11.30Pm to 6.00AM?
  • Will, It happens really?
  • Will my Whatsapp account will be deleted if I do not forward this message?
  • Do we have to pay for using WhatsApp in the future?

But do you know that this message ‘Whatsapp Off 11.30Pm to 6.00AM by Narendra Modi‘ is fully fake. Yes, it’s a piece of fully fake news which has covered all Whatsapp users mind in India.

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Currently, there is no such incident will happen or announced by Narendra Modi. We and Whatsapp Authority are always requesting Whatsapp users to don’t be panic by this message. Also, Whatsapp is a fully free text and multimedia message app and always will be. So, you have to never pay for using WhatsApp.

If you have already received this kind of message then we are kindly requesting you to don’t forward this message to anyone. Also, please don’t believe this message as this is fully fake. Online spammers have using this kind of trick to grab users mind and trying to create a false impact on social community.

Even in future if you received any kind of these messages which saying to forward it with others then don’t do that. If the message is sent from unknown contact just block them and don’t forward any other. Our small amount of smartness can stop these kinds of spamming and false news.

Be happy, spread happiness in this World. Kusiya Batiye, Afbaye Nahi!