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Hi friends, after learning What is Domain and How its Works, Now you need to know about Web Hosting and everything about it. But before start, if haven’t read, The Ultimate Domain Name Guide Click here.
Do you know after Domain Name, Web Hosting is the most important second part to get your website/business online.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting, a very explainable matter but before that, you need to learn “What is a Server?” It’s was the first time when I had gone to Bank with my father and heard from the Executive, “today all online banking works are stopped due to server down.” I was just a 14+ years boy then and the first time when I heard about Server.

So Server is just nothing but a specially configured computer. It has multiple functions. It very hard to make a server in our house due to there are huge problems like 24X7 electricity, internet speed slow, poor quality, etc. But if you want, you can make your own server in your house.

So, as like a computer a server also has Storage Drives, CPU cores, RAM, etc components and it always needs 24X7 Electricity and Good Internet connection(net speed) to provide 99.99% uptime work all time. And when we use a server to host our Domain/Website, then it is as called as Web Hosting Server or Web Hosting.

A Complete Web hosting server has website building tools, softwares, email, database, FTP and other services as well.

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Due to it’s very hard to make own server and maintain it at home, we buy web hosting from other companies and they also opened their business to provide us our need.

What are the Types of Web Hosting Server?

We create various websites. So each of them needs a different type of server.

According to Server type, there are 2(two) types of Web Hosting/Web Hosting Server.

1. Linux Based Web Hosting Serverwhat is linux server, what is web hosting, web hosting, web hosting meaning, linux web hosting, what is linux web hosting

As I have already said a server is just nothing but a specially configured computer. So it needs an Operating System to work. Linux is an open source and free Operating System(OS). So Linux Based or Linux operated servers support all features of Linux OS and you can run PHP, Python, Java, C, C++, etc coding files easily on Linux Web Hosting Servers.

Not only that, as Linux is a Free OS(Operating System), so when you’re going to buy Linux Web Hosting it will charge you less by the companies. Also, most of the websites are hosted on Linux server, even my website is hosted on Linux Server.

2. Windows Based Web Hosting Serverwindows server, windows hosting, what is web hosting, windows server logo, windows image, server, web hosting server, what is windows hosting

Windows is another alternative OS(Operating System) which is mostly used by computer lovers and users. But as Linux, Windows is not free. You have to take a License from Microsoft(Windows OS Creator Company) to use Windows in your system. That’s why Windows Servers are costly than Linux Servers. You can run ASP.NET, Java, Ruby, C, C++, etc coding files easily on Windows-Based Web Hosting Servers.

Remember, Linux & Windows are Server OS(Operating Systems), if you have heard about Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, etc, these are all Web Server. The main difference between OS(Operating Systems) and Web Server is, Web Server can’t work without OS(Operating System), but OS(Operating System) can work without Web Server.

What are the Types of Web Hosting?

Think about, there are approx 63Billion+ hits comes once in a moment. So only One CPU Core and 1GB Ram can never handle this. That’s why as per server resource there are 3(main) different types of Web Hosting. First is Shared Web Hosting, the Second one is VPS Web Hosting and lastly Dedicated Server Web Hosting.

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Let’s Start from, Dedicated Server Hosting.

1. Dedicated Server Web Hosting web hosting, web hosting server, shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated server hosting, what is web hosting, hosting, hosting guide, website make, web hosting features, web mail, web hosting

Dedicated Server is the most powerful server type with high resources. It has the ability to handle a huge number of clients at a time. Not only that you increase the server resources as per your requirements with Dedicated Servers. But as its resources are dedicated, so dedicated server costs much. And at the first stage of creating a website or blog or at the beginning of your online presence, you don’t need to waste too much money for a Dedicated Server.

Amazon, Flipkart, etc large websites are using many Dedicated Servers to balance their load.

2. VPS Web Hosting

VPS means Virtual Private Server. But, What is VPS Web Hosting? When Dedicated Servers are divided into little servers, then it’s as called as VPS or VPS Web Hosting. In VPS Web Hosting, server resources are not dedicated but they are highly scalable rather than Shared Web Hosting. VPS Hosting Servers are highly scalable and whenever you need you can upgrade your server resources like more CPU Cores, more RAM, etc. Not only that you can custom set up any control panel(like Cpanel) with VPS. In Shared Hosting, you usually do not get the root access or SSH Access(it’s under advanced level Web Development, not require to know much at Beginning Step) of your server, but in Dedicated Web Hosting and VPS Web Hosting you get this.

When your website gets much traffic, then you should upgrade to VPS Web Hosting.

3. Shared Web Hostingweb hosting server, shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated server hosting, what is web hosting, hosting, hosting guide, website make, web hosting features, web mail, web hosting

What you will do with 12GB Ram, 8 CPU Cores when you don’t have any traffic? So Shared Web Hosting is the Ultimate Solution for you. You can say its the most used Web Hosting by Beginners. But, What is Shared Web Hosting? When VPS-s are divided into more Small Servers with Shared Server Resource then its as called as Shared Web Hosting. It doesn’t cost much and any beginner easily affords it. Not only that approximately all Web Hosting Companies offers Cpanel(Control Panel) for free with Shared Web Hosting. But you’re all server resources will be Shared, that’s why if you gain much traffic to your website then Web hosting companies may temporarily suspend your hosting server for a while.

So Shared Web Hosting idle for beginners but not recommended for high traffic and large websites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting:

1. Is it Free or Paid? Is free Web Hosting Good or Bad?

Answer. If you want to take Blogging seriously or as a hobby or as a side income then you must buy web hosting. If you just want to try or want to learn how web hosting works, websites, softwares then Free hosting is just ok to try them. But I never recommend to use Free Web Hosting. If you don’t have a budget to buy hosting from BigRock/Siteground, then go with any local cheap web hosting company.

2. I have no Domain, then can I buy web hosting? or Can I host my another Domain in a web hosting server which is already reserved for other Domain?

Answer. Web Hosting is used to host your website online. If you don’t have a Domain Name then you don’t need web hosting. Secondly, if you purchased a web hosting for Domain and if you want to host your another Domain, then it can’t possible. Because when you buy a web hosting plan the server is reserved only for the domain, for which you have purchased web hosting. However, adding another Domain is possible if your web hosting provider allows multiple website hosting in one plan.

3. Will I get Free CDN(Content Delivery Network) with my web hosting plan?

Answer. Some web hosting providers allow free CDN with their web hosting plans. Check their plans before buy. Otherwise, you can use Cloudflare’s CDN which is completely free.

4. Will I have to pay renewal for my web hosting?

Answer. Yes, you have to pay renewal for your website hosting. Because it’s not a one time get process. You have to pay to the hosting provider as your per billing period.

Now I think your all questions are now have been answered. If there any doubt just ask in our community or comment below.

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