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Are you looking on the internet for India’s Top & Best Garena Free Fire Players to enjoy & watch their daily streams?

Then you’re in the correct website. Here I have mentioned India’s Top 10 Free Fire Players. By the passion, they are streamers on YouTube, Booyah, Nimo, Nono and etc platforms and very kind by heart.

Now come on Free Fire, in the field of Battle Royale Games, Currently, Garena Free Fire is the most popular & trending one between them. Almost 50 million + players are there who really enjoy the game every day & making more out of the game.

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That’s why it is my small try to find out the real heroes of Free Fire India. Actually, the common between them is they are all Free Fire Gaming YouTuber’s from India.

I have tried to make out this list as honestly as possible by judging all playing skills, survival ability, campaigns & playing styles. Remember that this list can be updated anytime to make sure that the Real Players get the credits.

Top 10 Best Free Fire Players & YouTuber’s in India

1. Total Gaming – Ajjubhai94

Total Gaming – Ajjubhai94
Total Gaming

The legend of Free Fire India Gaming Channel’s in India is Total Gaming. His real name is Ajay (surname is unknown). His in-game name is ajjubhai94 & popular as India’s Free Fire AWM Kind.

His special ability is handling 2 AWM at a time and really he is a very good AWM Player. Currently, there are almost 7M+ Subscribers in his Youtube channel, luckily I’m in one of them.

He does a regular live stream at about 9.30-10 AM to 1-2 PM every day. And I have seen amazing support during his live streams. Almost all of his fans greeted him with super chat, super stickers, and more. But his most fabulous thing is his mindset & he is really very kind by heart.

Also, He is the founder of the word “Chimkandi (चिमकाण्डी)” in the gaming field.

So, many many Congratulations to Total Gaming for reaching the 1st Place in our Top 10 Best Free Fire Players & YouTuber’s in India List.

2. Desi Gamers – AmitBhai

Desi Gamers – AmitBhai
Desi Gamers

“The Legendary Free Fire Player”- said by ajjubhai94 in a video. Really AmitBhai is in one of the most popular Free Fire Players lists in India. His youtube channel name is Desi Gamers. Not only for his commentary, but his caring to the subscribers has made his most loveable player in Free Fire

Most of the matches are played with Total Gaming, Jonty Gaming. X-Mania & other popular streamers.

Currently, he is doing doing daily live stream on the evening on everyday.

3. Jonty Gaming – Ab_Jonty

 Jonty Gaming – Ab_Jonty
Jonty Gaming

“Who is the most pro-player in Free Fire?” if I ask someone, his reply will be Jonty Gaming. Yes, he is the oldest Grandmaster Player in Free Fire Asia. His real name is Ajay Saini.

He also shares his tips & tricks videos in his channel so that others can learn the ethical way to play Free Fire from his gameplay.

He is about to reach 2 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel “Jonty Gaming” very soon. And the most uncommon thing of his is, he is a mobile player since the starting while others have played on mobile & computer both.

So, he is the 3rd Best Free Fire Player in India in our list.

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4. TWO-Side Gamers – TSG Yash & TSG Ritik

TWO-Side Gamers – TSG Yash & TSG Ritik
TWO-Side Gamers

The passion from love to Free Fire & having fun with subscribers is made possible the Two Side who are TSG Yash & TSG Ritik.

As like, Desi Gamers, they are also global level players played a couple of Global Free Fire Championships tournaments.

As I don’t know much about them but quite sure that they are cousin brothers. However, the gameplay is on the next level. That’s why they are the 4th Best Free Fire Player in India in our list.

5. Gyan Gaming – Gyan_Sujan

Gyan Gaming – Gyan_Sujan
Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming is also a popular Free Fire gaming channel on youtube in India. His real name is unknown to me but his in-game name is Gyan_Sujan. He plays totally OP (overpower) level.

I think he is from Bengal because in some gameplay videos with Gaming Subrata Live, he spoke in Bengali.

So, after judging his gameplay he is currently in our list as the 5th Best Free Fire Player in India.

6. 4G Gamers- Aman & Sumit

4G Gamers- Aman & Sumit
4G Gamers

“4G Gamers” this name feels the Jio’s Free 4G Data but in reality it’s the name of one of the fast growing Free Fire gaming Channel in India.

This name is made by two brothers Aman & Sumit as I have found from their video. At all, they play very well & even this season they are in top 20’s list in Grandmaster.

4G Gamers is about to reach 3.5lakhs subscribers in this year.

So, 4G Gamers is the 6th Best Free Fire in India in our list.

7. Technical KK – Krishankant

Technical KK – Krishankant
Technical KK

Technical KK” this name seems to be a tech channel but now it’s a popular full-time Free Fire gaming YouTube channel in India. The man behind Technical KK is “Krishankant”.

But in reality, he is a very funny & good person. he also has played with Top Free Fire Players like Total Gaming, Desi Gamers & others as well.

So, he is the 7th Best Free Fire in India in our list.

8. Gaming Subrata Live – Subrata_YT

Gaming Subrata Live – Subrata_YT
Gaming Subrata Live

Above all the players are from India but they are all Hindi players, at the case for Gaming Subrata Live it’s totally different than others. Because it’s a channel made by the hard work a Bengali Boy named Subrata.

His channel is a totally Bengali Free Fire Gaming Channel on YouTube which is quite rare in history. However, I will him all the best & many many congratulations for his work.

His channel is about is going to reach 1 million & in a video the playmates have found to say that Subarat would marry his loved once when he will reach 1 million.

His fan follow is awesome & he also have a vlog channel beside of gaming.

After judging all he is currently 8th Best Player of Free Fire in India in our list.

9. SK Sabir BOSS – SK Sabir

SK Sabir BOSS – SK Sabir

The fear of Free Fire is SK Sabir Boss. he is the leader of the Boss guild in Free Fire. He doesn’t speak in your videos but his gameplay is too good.

I don’t have more information about him because he never talks in his videos or I haven’t seen his talking videos.

However, he is currently the 9th Best Free Fire Player in India in our list.

10. X- Mania – Mania

X- Mania – Mania
X- Mania

“Tu Noob tha, hai or rahega” – said by Desi Gamers’ Amit Bhai. But in reality, the main is a very good player. It was a joke by Amit Bhai. His most uniqueness is he has never changed his pink dress.

Mania is currently a trending Free Fire even on YouTube’s Trending Page. He just crossed 1 lakh subscribers on his youtube channel. So, many many congratulation for him.

So, X- Mania is the last & 10th Best Free Fire Players in India

in our list.

That’s the end of the rank result. But there are lost are players still remaining including Free Fire Gamers Zone (promit_Yt), Dolly Ind gaming, Teen Queen gaming, Killer, AD, Munna Bhai Yt, and more others, but try to understand that I can’t add all the players in this list.

However, in future when the post will be updated again then you may be in this list. Till then enjoy the rank of your playmates.


This is based on my self-opinion. Not only but the least I have also started a Gaming YouTube Channel Named Rajdeep Gaming & Rajdeep Gaming Live. I have just crossed 100 Subscribers, so I hope guys you will join my gaming family as well.

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Note:- The players who aren’t in the list don’t’ be sad because it’s just a list where the current best players get ranked. Improve your gameplay & maybe you’re in this in near future. And this is just for entertainment purposes only, we don’t recognize any player as pro or noob.

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