Stop/Disable Windows 10 Updates

About Updates :

Windows 10 is a fully featured OS. But for improving its stability & performance Microsoft releases its time to time updates. These updates help your PC so that it works more smoothly.
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Why Do You need to Stop the Updates?

If you are using the original License Key, of Windows then you can use all the updates of Windows. But if you are a Pirated Copy User then, some updates may pause your OS.

How to Stop/Disable Windows 10 Update?

Step 1: Press  key along with “R” key to get the Run Box.You have to Go to Services(Local) of your Windows 10.

Step 2: Click on any service, then press ” W ” from Your Keyboard & search for ” windows update ” service.

Step 3: Right Click on it, go to Its Properties.

Step 4: Stop the service. Choose to Startup type as Disabled, then apply then  ok,

That’s Its Done.

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