Redirect a Domain to another Domain?

I would recommend a simple way. (step-by-step, no step missed)

  • Login to Cloudflare
  • Add your old domain
  • Select a free plan
  • Update nameservers at your Domain Registrar.
  • DNS propagation may take sometimes.
  • Assuming, Cloudflare is active
  • Go to DNS, create two A records namely @ and www
  • Point to your new domain hosting IP address
  • Go to Crypto > Turn on Flexible SSL (To have free of cost SSL support for the old domain)
  • Go to Page rule
  • Create a Forwarding rule

From **


Set HTTP status code 301 or 302, whatever you need.

  • Apply and save.

The wildcard redirection will start working immediately.

We think this is a better option than any other. Once we had used GoDaddy forwarding. It works but there are two catches.

  • Some useless redirect chain
  • No HTTPS support (by default)

We think this article has helped you.

That’s all for now.