[Verified 2020] How to Do Paytm KYC Online by Verification Aadhaar Card

[Verified 2020] How to Do Paytm KYC Online by Verification Aadhaar Card
[Verified 2020] How to Do Paytm KYC Online by Verification Aadhaar Card

How to Do Paytm KYC(Know Your Customer) Online by Verification Aadhaar Card | Step By Step Process 2019| Paytm is a secured & easy to use payments wallet mobile app and “Paytm is the most used Mobile Payment wallet app” this data has found by a survey.

Now Paytm has reached approx 230 Million Users by their popularity & it is increasing day by day. Paytm Mobile payment wallet is always safe and will be.

Today we are talking about Paytm KYC (mini KYC) by using your Aadhaar card online. We know that Paytm KYC is the most common problem for their users, but We have the solution now.

Please note that AAdhaar Based Paytm KYC (as Known as mini KYC) is based only on 1 year.

How to Do Paytm KYC Online with Aadhaar Card Verification

As in India Aadhaar is considered as the National Document because of its made on the basis of your Biometrics data.

So, Paytm requires users Aadhaar Card Details Officially from the UIDAI, so that they can extend your mini KYC for 1 Year.

Let see How to Complete Your Paytm KYC with Aadhaar Card Verification.

Step 1: Install the Official Paytm Mobile App from Play Store/App Store. Then, Open your Paytm App.

Step 2: Look at the First Bar for the KYC option. If get click on it.

If you can’t able to see it. Then on the search bar type “KYC” and hit on the search button.

Step 3: Then you will get 3 options to complete your mini KYC for using Paytm. Choose the First Option saying “Aadhaar Verification with OTP“. It will be done in your KYC instantly for the next 1year.

Step 4: Then, on the next page Enter your Aadhaar Card Number or VID (Virtual ID) and Fill Your Full Name Correctly.

Then, click on the I agree to the Paytm Terms & Conditions. & Proceed.

Step 5: Fill your OTP (One time password) send by UIDAI to your Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number & Click on Final Submit to Confirm your Paytm KYC.

In this way, you can easily complete the minimum KYC Process online by using Paytm App.

FAQs Related to Paytm KYC Process 2020

  • Can I use the Paytm Payments wallet without KYC?

    Yes, you can keep your Paytm wallet without any kind of KYC (Know Your Customer) process but you can do transactions through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) only.

  • What is the minimum age requirement for using Paytm with KYC?

    The age requirement is 18 years.

  • How long My Paytm mini KYC will valid?

    Your Paytm minimum KYC is valid only for 1 year from the date of completing mini KYC.

  • I had already done my mini KYC in Paytm. DO I have to do my KYC again?

    If you have already done your mini KYC 1 year ago, then you can’t do your mini KYC again. Now you have to complete your Full KYC to Use Paytm.

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