How to Make Money Online using JioPOS Lite & JioPOS Plus App?

JioPOS Lite App

Are you looking for make money online by doing mobile recharges?

If yes, then you’re in the right place. here I will share how I make up to Rs.10,000/- per month just by doing Jio Mobile Recharge using JioPOS Lite application.

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Let’s go through about it. Just read this complete article & you will be also able to make money like me by doing Jio mobile recharges.

What is JioPOS Lite?

Jio POS lIte app fetaures
JioPOS Lite App Features

JioPOS Lite is a mobile app made by the Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited, which is known as the parent company of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. We mostly know it as Jio or Realiance Jio.

It’s a fully-featured app specially make to do Jio mobile recharges with in addition of 4% extra profit.

This app is fully secured & safe and officially powered by the Realiance Jio.

That means if you do your own or any other Jio recharges via JioPOS Lite then you will get 4% extra rebate. It will generate an extra side income for you.

How to Create JioPOS Account Online?

To create a JioPOS Account you will just need a mobile phone, an internet connection & your Jio number.

I am quite sure that you have these all and ready to use JioPOS Lite application.

JioPOS Account Creation/Signup Process:

Step 1: Download & Install the latest version of the JioPOS Lite application from Google Play Store or IOS Store. Then open the JioPOS Lite app.

Step 2: Fill basic details like Name, email, mobile number etc & complete the verification process. You will also need to verify your mobile number with an OTP sent to you by Jio.

Step 3: Deposit an amount which you will use for further Jio Recharges.

That’s all about JioPOS Lite account creation or Sign up process.

How to Make Money using JioPOS Lite?

I know after creating JioPOS Lite Account you must be eager to know about how to generate income from the App.

Let’s know about how to make money when doing Jio Recharges using the Jio POS Lite application.

JioPOS Lite provides your 4% flat rebate/discount on every single Jio recharges. It doesn’t matter whose Jio recharges you are doing. They may be your family members, your friends & even can you!

You will get guaranteed flat 4% cashback on every single Jio Recharge.

Just understand the simple math.

If you have done a Jio recharge of Rs.599/- then you will get a discount of 4% which is Rs.23.96/-.

So if you can do 10 mobile recharges in a day then it will be Rs.239.6/-. And in a month it will be Rs.7188/-.

Then, isn’t it a good idea to earn money while spending something?

Watch this video to learn more in detail.

That is why I will prefer the JioPOS Lite application for Jio recharges with extra cashback.

How to Claim the CashBack of Jio Recharge in the JioPOS Lite app?

You may be worried, if you will not get the cashback then?

Well, in order to provide the cashback in the JioPOS lite app, the cashback is given at the time when you will add money in the app when you’re going to do the Jio recharge.

So, you never have to worry about the cashback of JioPOS lite.

FAQs regarding JioPOS Lite & Recharge Cashback

  • Can I really earn money using JioPOS Lite App?

    Yes, you can earn money in JioPOS Lite app on every single Jio Recharge.

  • What is commission rate of Jio POS Lite?

    The rate is flat 4%.

  • Can I do other mobile recharges also?

    No. You can only able to do Jio Recharges in Jio POS Lite app.

  • Can I do other persons mobile recharges by this app?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can I do Jio Phone Recharges by JioPOS Lite app?

    Yes, you can even do Jio Phone recharges by using the JioPOS Lite app.


JioPOS lite is an extremely good app to earn money while doing Jio recharges. I am using the app and it is too helpful when I don’t have any offer on other recharge providers like Paytm, Amazon etc. I highly recommend this app to use.

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