How to Change Paytm Password | Change Paytm Password without Calling

How to Change Paytm Password | Change Paytm Password without Calling
Change Paytm Account Password

Do you know that there are 230 million registered Paytm users in India?

So, in India Paytm has reached the Top Mobile Digital Payment Wallet rank. Almost, billions of transactions are made through Paytm in a day. Currently, by the mission of Digital India, Paytm users are increasing day by day.

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But the most common problem between the Paytm users is they forgot their Paytm account password. If you’re searching on the internet about How to Change Paytm Password? then you’re in the correct place.

If you have forgotten the password of your Paytm account then, Here is the step by step full guide on Change Paytm Account password. Just follow it and you will be able to reset/change your Paytm account password online or offline.

How to Change Paytm Password?

Changing the Paytm Account Password is not so difficult. Just follow the given steps to change or reset Paytm Account Password. Please do the steps by your paytm registered mobile number, otherwise, you may not be able to change your paytm Account password online.

Step 1: Call to 0120–4888–488 by your Paytm registered mobile number.

Step 2: Choose your language from the options.

Step 3: Then, Press 1 from the dial pad during the call.

Step 4: When you press 1 on your dial pad then your call will be disconnected by Paytm. And a message will be sent to your mobile number with a Paytm password reset link. Click on this link and browse by Google Chrome Browser to change or reset your Paytm Account password.

You will also receive this link through your Paytm registered email id. If can’t find in the inbox, check spam box also. Then, Click on the link.

Hurry up! This link is valid for only 10 minutes.

Step 5: When you click and open this link you will get password change option.

 Change Paytm Password | PAytm Reset Passowrd
 Change Paytm Password

Your password must be:

  • Minimum 5 characters long
  • At least contain 1 number
  • At least contain 1 alphabet

So, enter your password as according to this instruction and click on Proceed. Done! Your Paytm Account password is successfully changed now. Simple login to your Paytm account with the new password.

By this way, you can easily change password in Paytm account. Paytm doesn’t allow to change the password via or any other method. So, don’t waste your time. It’s the only way to change/reset your Paytm Account password.

How to Change Paytm Business Password?

Paytm Business account is linked with your Paytm consumer/personal account. So, to reset or change Paytm Business Account Password, do all the same steps mentioned above.

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Additional FAQs Regarding Paytm Account Password Change:

Question 1: How to change Paytm Password by PC/Desktop/Laptop?

Answer: Hence, to reset the password of your Paytm Account, you need the password received link. Then, by clicking on it you can change the password by any device which has an internet connection.

Question 2: My Paytm account is registered on another number. Can I reset the password by another number?

Answer: No. Paytm is very serious about their users’ security. So, you must have to do the above step through your registered Paytm number.

Question 3: What to do if I don’t receive the password reset link by SMS/Email?

Answer: In case if you are not able to receive the password reset link by SMS/Email from paytm, then just follow the above steps again.

Question 4: How to Change Paytm Password without calling?

Answer: Sorry, but there is no such process to change the Paytm Account password without calling.

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