Google Docs | A Flexible & Secure Way to Save Important Documents | Introduction

Hi friends, please give your answers in the comments box.

  1. Do you create text contents for your website or blog or office purpose via online or offline methods?
  2. Do you feel safe with your contents?
  3. Do you have to need to carry your contents to share them with others?

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Then I’m going to introduce you today with Google Docs, a Powerful & Flexible Way to Save your All Important Documents with Google’s Security. In October 2012 Google had officially launched his Google Docs platform for users. Its fully free to use, just what you have to has a Google account, which is most popular as Gmail account.

Why Should Choose Google Docs?

  1. Simple, Powerful & Flexible platform, with Google’s Security.
  2. Fully free, just you need a Google Account to access Google Docs.
  3. Powerful features for presentation & office work.
  4. Save Documents up to 15 GB size.
  5. No need more to carry all important documents always, share them just with few clicks.
  6. Easy to use and user-friendly.
  7. Also, you can access your documents any time, anywhere and via any device.


Many of my friends using their text editor in their devices such as Notepad, WordPad, etc. But if you have to think about it, if your Storage Drive crashed then you will be lost every data, which you have saved. That’s why a backup is always necessary. when you write or do anything in Google Docs,  its algorithm automatically saves(I mean auto-save) your edits in every second’s frequency.