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Google has launched a new feature to a personal profile card on Google Search which is known as “Add Me to Search“. It is now only available for India. It is a type of virtual visiting card. This can be seen by other users who will search for you then they will see it.

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So, today we will see how to use this new add me feature of Google.

Add Me to Search:- Google Search

To add your virtual visiting card in Google Search, then you just need a mobile with a free Google Account.

  • Open Google in your smartphone
  • Search “add me to search“. Then you will see a card with your Google Account Profile picture.
  • Then, click on Get Started.
  • Fill all the information properly.
  • Click to see your preview of your virtual visiting card which will be shown on Google.
  • Then Save & Publish it.

See this guide image for better understand.

Google Add Me to Search
Google “Add me to Search” by Gadgets360

“Add Me to Search” will Help You & Your Business

Google’s “Add Me to Search” will help you to reach your customers to you and also help in your overall business growth.

Like if someone will search your name then they will get many profiles from various websites like Facebook, Twitter, Insta & forum sites. But when you add your virtual visiting card, then the profile which will be shown to your customers will be authentic and with meaning full information.

It’s open to all to make your Google Search Virtual Visiting Card.

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