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Free Fire: Fozy Ajay ID, Real Name, Face, Photo, Girlfriend and All

Total Gaming Esports

Free Fire: Fozy Ajay ID, Real Name, Face, Photo, Girlfriend and All | Find Fozy Ajay Free Fire ID | Know Fozy Ajay Real Name | See Fozy Ajay Face Reveal | Who is Fozy Ajay Girlfriend | Fozy Ajay Background | Fozy Ajay Esports Player | Get all the details of Fozy Ajay Free Fire Esports Player.

Fozy Ajay is a professional esports player, especially a Free Fire Esports Player from India. Find out his all details including real name, age, girlfriend, face and everything from below.

Who is Fozy Ajay?

Fozy Ajay’s real name is Ajay Sharma, who is a Free Fire Esports professional. And Free Fire is a world-famous and #1 trending battle royale game in India as well. He gives his most of the day to play Free Fire, find new tricks, practicing with the team, innovating new ways to fight, and improve his skills.

On the other hand, Ajay Sharma is currently studying in Delhi and he has been to a lot of NCC camps as a Cadet.

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FozyAjay was before in the “The Mafia’s” team, who were the Champions of Free Fire Brawler Bash and top contenders of Free Fire Asia All-Stars under his leadership. Currently, Ajay is now in TG Guild (Total Gaming Guild).

FozyAjay ID Number and In-Game Name

FozyAjay Free Fire Player Id number is or UID:- 29777293 na dhis in-game name or IGN is- TG-FOZYAJAY.

FozyAjay Gamer ID Details

GameGarena Free Fire
Player NameTG-FozyAjay
Free Fire UID29777293

Fozy Ajay: Ajay Sharma Real Face Photos

Ajay Sharma has already revealed his face when he had joined TG Guild. Find out his real face reveal photos, images from below:

FozyAjay Free Fire Esports Player

How Fozy Started to Play Free Fire?

Ajay started liking Free Fire as soon as he started playing it mainly because he could play it as a team, communicate with his teammates. He really liked how you were able to communicate with players and play together. As Ajay kept on playing, he started playing and grinding rank matchmaking mode.

He used to watch my friends participate in tournaments and saw them take part in one of the Free Fire International Tournaments, perhaps that’s how Ajay Sharma as Fozy Ajay started developing an interest in Esports.

Fozy Ajay and TG Guild Free Fire

As said above, Ajay was in “The Mafia’s” team before, then he met with Ajjubhai94, and joined the Total Gaming Squad in Free Fire. This squad is as famous as “TG Guild” in Free Fire.

How Ajay Practice for Free Fire in a Day?

Ajay told that “Our practice (as a team) is split into two phases, offline (outside of the game) and online (in the game). When we see an upcoming tournament, before jumping into the game, we analyze the games we are heading into and dwell into strategies and various factors that will help us. We focus a lot on strategies depending on the type of format that is going to be followed in the tournament. After deciding the strategy, we start playing the game and play different modes to get our skills sharpened in different aspects of the game, for instance, we prefer to play Ranked matches to improve our sniping skills and we play custom games to work on our movement speeds and short-range fights.” (Source: Garena Free Fire)

Who is Fozy Ajay’s Girlfriend?

As far as we know Ajay Sharma (Fozy Ajay) has not told ever on this to anyone. But a he is a young college student then he might have girlfriends too.

Fozy Ajay Official YouTube Channel for Free Fire Gameplay

Ajay also has a YouTube channel where he started to work just few weeks ago. His youtube channel name is TG FozyAjay.

FozyAjay First Video of Free Fire;


Free Fire is one of the fastest growing video game, currently you can say it global’s no #1 Battle Royale Game. There are several things which have to keep in mind when you’re playing Free Fire or any battle royale game, Communication with team properly is one of them. As a professional esports player FozyAjay can guide his team in any tournament and match intelligently and meaningfully.

That’s all.

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