The Ultimate Guide You Need To Know About Domain Names

Hi, My name is Rajdeep and I’m from and today in this article I will explain everything about Domain Names including what is a Domain Name, How it works, why You Need a Domain Name and etc and something more about Domains.

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What is A Domain Name:

A Domain Name is a great foundation for your online presence. Actually, in a simple sentence, A Domain Name is the name of your website/blog which a visitor type in his browser’s URL bar. You can say it is the internet address which users can use to access your website. It may sound hard, but believe me, it’s quite simple and easy.

Example: My website main Domain is and my website is (Don’t worry I will explain everything later)

How does A Domain Name Work:

In your mobile phone how you remember your contacts? I’m sure you do not remember them by numbers, you remember them via name or other anything which will easy for you to find any number quickly.

As like same, on the internet to quick remember any website/blog or brand, we use Domain Names(most top-level domains like .com .in .net, etc). Every Domain Name is connected to a server which has an IP address(ips looks like 124.567.809.00). Every domain is not connected to the same server that’s why there is a huge number of ips on the web. Each Domain is connected with its server via NameServers. It is most popular as the DNS system (Domain Name Servers System).

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For example, if your website is hosted on SiteGround, then its name server will look like this:

Your Web Hosting provider manages the nameservers of your Domain Name by digital process and by this way visitors/users will reach to your stored website data via your Domain Name.

So a Domain replaces the ip of the server with a custom name like when you going to call your friend, you search his contact by name not by the number he/she used(usually you do this).

Why Should Use A Domain Name?

The actual use of a Domain Name is to build a unique identity of yours/your company on the web(like Everyone knows google because they have a unique identity on the web and which is their brand value.

By a Domain, you can create a blog, a better website, an online e-commerce store(like Amazon, etc), an online company, a unique and trusted email for your customers( and much more.

So My final words are Domain Name is Primary to build your unique identity on the web.

What is TLD(Top Level Domains):

A domain is all about a unique keyword, but however, its extension matters. Extension like .com, .net, .in, .org, .xyz etc are recognized as TLD(Top Level Domains) Domains.

You should always use TLD(Top-Level Domains) because they gain users trust and accept as a good reputation in the web/internet. But do you know these all TLDs(Top Level Domains) are reserved by ICANN(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)? Visit ICANN’s Official Website.

Country Code Top Level Domain

What is ccTLD(Country Code Top Level Domain):

Country code top-level domain or ccTLDs are defining the specific targeting country in your Domain Name. Like .in for India, .us for the United States and others.

You should use Country code top-level domain or ccTLDs if your aim is just to target a specific country.

What is sTLD(Sponsored Top Level Domain):

Sponsored top-level domain or sTLDs are used to defining specific sponsored communities like .gov for Government, .edu for Educational Institution and etc.

Also, there are several TLDs are available like .tech, .site, .news, .info, etc and you should don’t using them for your Domain just because they are less popular than others and also I don’t recommend using them.

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Is it Free to Register A TLD Domain Name:

No. To Register a Domain with a TLD(Top-Level Domains) extension is always paid and always will be, also you have to pay a renewal fees on yearly basis to your Domain Registrar to keep your Domain own by you.

Now there will be a question in your mind then, why are we paying the Domain Registration fees to the Domain Registrar?

Fine the answer is quite easy, you paying Domain Registration fees as rent because you can’t buy the domain forever. Also if you will stop your services for a long time then it will be possible to take another user.

Usually for a .Com Domain Name Registration you have to pay $12-$14(in INR it will cost around Rs.750-Rs.1000) and for renewal, it may cost $14-$16 (approx Rs.800-Rs.1200 INR). There are different pricing for every Domain TLD Extension.

How You Should Choose Your Domain Name:

In previous years it was not so tough to find a simple, catchy and attractive Domain Name, there was much more Domain were available to register but now approx all good domain names are Registered. So at present, it’s very tough to find your idle Domain Name.

Here are some tips which you should follow when choosing a Domain name for your work

  1. Make your Domain simple and easy to type.
  2. Try to Keep it short as much.
  3. Use your keywords.
  4. Focus on your niche/topic and your targetted audience.
  5. Avoid hyphens and numbers.
  6. Make it easily memorable.
  7. Research on it.
  8. Use the appropriate extension for the domain name.
  9. Protect and build your brand.
  10. Act quickly.

Let me explain this to you.

1. Make your Domain simple and easy to type.

You should choose your Domain Name as simple as possible to avoid misspells and other errors. Remember choosing an easy Domain helps your visitors to recall it very easily.

2. Try to Keep it short as much.

Try to make your Domain as short and simple as possible because sometimes people mistyping or misspelling it due to long keyword in Domain Name. Avoid complex Domain Names.

Example: If your Domain is your then people will confuse either it or So please try to avoid complex words which are hard to remember.

3. Use your keywords.

Try using keywords which describes your business and the services you offer.

For example, if your business or service is related to a television repairing then or is most suitable for you.

4. Focus on your niche/topic and your targetted audience.

You should choose your Domain Name which is matched with your topic/business category or brand. If your work is about to tv repair then you should don’t choose Kepp focuses your topic or idea in mind when choosing a Domain Name.

5. Avoid hyphens and numbers.

Keep trying to make your Domain name as simple as possible. Using number and hyphens sometimes mislead visitor to your website. If your Domain is just like if a visitor just visits it once then again when he/she going to recall it he will be confused either its or

So avoid hyphens and numbers is highly recommended.

6. Make it easily memorable.

There are millions of domain names registered every day, so it is essential to have a domain that is catchy and memorable. Once you’ve come up with a name share it with close friends to make sure it sounds attractive and makes sense to the others.

A quick tip: Did you have a wonderful Domain Name? Search your Domain Name now to get your brand online today and add it to a website or one of your social media profiles.

7. Research on it.

Make sure that the name you have chosen is not marked, copyrighted or used by any other company. It could lead to a legal mess that could cost you as well as your domain in the future.

8. Use the appropriate extension for the Domain Name.

Choosing an appropriate extension is must recommended for your Domain Name. Actually, they are working as the suffix for your Domain Name. Your first choice should be a .com Domain because of its sounds good, easily memorable and goes with all. Also, you can choose other Domain Extensions as well. Like,

.co for Company, commerce, and community purpose.

.info for informational website.

.org for organizations, NGOs and Trust

An Important Tip: You don’t need to build up a website for every single Domain, just forward your additional Domains to your primary Domains.

9. Protect and build your brand.

Consider buying different domain extensions as well as misspelled versions of your domain name to protect your brand. This prevents your competitors from registering other domain extensions and ensures that even your visitors mistype it, your visitors will be sent to your main website.

10. Act quickly.

Domain names are selling like hot cakes. So register your Domain as soon as possible. Domain registrars such as GoDaddy will suggest alternate names during your domain search to assist you to find the ideal domain name if you have difficulty finding a name accessible.

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Why My First Choice is .Com Domain:

It’s the important point why I recommended and My First choice is a .com Domain Name.

Here are the points which I have found out.

1. Industries Most old Domain TLD Extension

.com was first launched on March 15, 1985 (approx 34 years ago), so you can understand its value. Not only that .com Verisign is powered by which is the most popular Security Solutions Providing Company and the Registry of .com, .net, .cc TLDs.

2. Trusted by all Suitable with Any purpose

Approximately everyone knows about .com extension than other extensions like .ml, .ga, .tech etc. Because it has its an incomparable uniqueness also when a visitor visits a website which has .com extension, the website/blog gains visitors trust. Not only that .com TLD is suitable with any purpose, any Domain Name.

3. Highly Recommended for building Online Presence

Nothing but have you think once why comes in our mind when we need to search something?

The answer is just because of Google gain visitors trust so we think first when we need to search something on the internet.

So building a Unique online Presence .com is just about a primary step.

4. Mostly SEO Friendly

last but not the least in a survey, we have found that the website/blogs which have .com extension Rank first and fast than other website/blogs. Also, SEO experts recommended .com first before choosing any other Domain Extension.

My main two websites which are the main income source to me, have .com TLD extension.

Here is my GoDaddy Account Screenshot.

godaddy my account

Domain Name Suggestion Tools:

Now I’m sure you will be looking for a Domain for your website/blog but can’t find the right one, then you can try these Domain Name Suggestions generator tool. Remember these tools just provide the suggestion by adding some suffix and prefix letter in your Domain Name. But please focus on every small point which I have mentioned above before choosing a Domain Name.

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools:

  1. GoDaddy Domain Search
  2. BigRock Domain Name Generator
  3. Namemesh Tool
  4. Instant Domain Search

Please consider searching on Google for more tools.

Best Domain Registrars of 2019:

Here I have shortlisted Best Domain Name Registrars of 2019.

  1. GoDaddygodaddy logo

Worlds #No.1 and My first choice Domain registrar is GoDaddy. Their service quality and 24X7 Support is really really very Good. GoDaddy gives various offers for Domain registration and Renewal to their clients. I highly recommend to go with GoDaddy if you are a beginner in this field. GoDaddy Provides a huge number of Domain TLD extension also they are an ICANNAccredited Registrar.

Score: 4.9 out of 5 (4.9/5) to GoDaddy for their Domain Names Service.

Visit GoDaddy

2. Namecheapnamecheap logo

Globally Namecheap at the second position after GoDaddy. Their service quality and 24X7 Support is also Good. Like GoDaddy, Namecheap also  Provides a huge number of Domain TLD extension also they are an ICANNAccredited Registrar.

Score: 4.3 out of 5 (4.3/5) to Namecheap for their Domain Names Service.

Visit Namecheap

3. BigRockbigrock-logo, bigrock transparent

We can say in India the 2nd position of Best Domain registrar is taken by BigRock. They provide 24X7 chat support and 12 hours call/phone support. Their pricing is similar to GoDaddy but BigRock additionally offers much discounts.

Score: 4.7 out of 5 (4.7/5) to BigRock for their Domain Names Service.

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Also, there are many Domain Registrar on the internet you can Registrar your Domain with them. But before making service with them please verify their customer feedback and ratings. That’s all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names:

1. Can I register more than one(1) Domain Names?

Answer. Yes, you can register more than one Domain Names.

2. Do I need any Documents(govt. Documents) to register a Domain Names?

Answer. No, you just need a physical address to register a Domain Names.

3. Do I have to pay Domain Name renewal fees every year?

Answer. It’s like a rental service, so as long you want to continue the Domain Name you have to pay the Domain Renewal fees(as Yealy Fess).

4. By mistake, I have register a wrong Domain name. can I cancel it and will I get any refund?

Answers. Yes, you can cancel your Domain Name if you think you have registered a wrong Domain Name. Usually, Domain name registrar companies a limited time of Domain cancellation, if you can cancel them in this time then you will get a full refund of your payment amount. (For further queries, please contact your Domain Registrar)

5. Can I transfer a Domain to another Domain Registrar?

Answer. Yes, you can transfer your Domain from one Domain Registrar to another Domain Registrar. For doing this you will need the Domain auth code/epp code, which is managed by your current Domain Registrar.

That’s all, for now, friends, if you have any queries feel free to ask me in the comment box. I will surely reply to you. Thanks,