BillDesk Payment Failed But Amount Debited from Account

Is your “BillDesk Payment Failed But Amount Debited from Account“? Then here is the solution for that.

Sometimes when you pay via the BillDesk Payment gateway, the transaction or payment may get failed at some point. It may occur due to invalid payment details, wrong OTP or web page connection interruption.

For those who don’t know; BillDesk is a popular payment gateway which provides online payment platform services. BillDesk is widely used by companies, government websites, banks and other financial and non-financial firms.

BillDesk Payment Failed But Amount Debited

Don’t worry.

BillDesk is one of the trusted brands. If your BillDesk Payment Failed But the amount is debited from your account it will be refunded within 3-7 days from the transaction.

Now the refund process can take time depending upon the payment method used:

  • For Debit/Credit Cards: 3 days to 7 days.
  • For UPI Transactions: 3 days to 5 days.
  • For NetBanking: 2 days to 7 days.
  • For Wallet Payments: 2 days to 7 days.

Sometimes your refund may credit instantly if you just call your bank’s customer care.

Otherwise, just wait for a few days for the refund to be credited by your bank or payment wallet company.

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How to Track BillDesk Payment Status?

BillDesk offers a tracking system for the payment gateway service. You can track your BillDesk Payment Status online easily.

To check BillDesk Transaction Status follow the steps:

  1. First, note down the BillDesk Payment Gateway Transaction Number.
  2. Now go to the BillDesk Payment Gateway Transaction Status check page.
  3. Enter the Transaction Number.

    Billdesk Transaction Status Check
  4. Hit the submit button.
  5. Your Transaction status will be shown for the entered Transaction Number. Take a printout if needed.

Once you have waited for the refund time frame, but still your refund is not credited then you can follow further steps.

First, inform your Bank or financial institution Company about the transaction status. Please include the transaction date, time, amount, merchant name, gateway etc all details.

If you have any reference number for the transaction given by the payment gateway also include that.

How to Contact BillDesk Support?

Now once you informed your bank or financial institution you can also contact BillDesk support regarding the same.

  1. Visit the BillDesk Grievance Form page.
  2. Enter all the information which are asked by the Grievance Form.
  3. Then hit Submit button.
  4. You will shortly receive a confirmation email and also get an SMS on the same.
  5. Wait for a few days. BillDesk support will fetch your transaction details and will reply to you on this.


It’s a common issue nowadays where your online transaction is cancelled by the payment gateway and money is debited from your account.

However, the refund for the debited amount will be reversed to your account shortly by the gateway. For more information and help contact your issuer bank or financial company.

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