[Updated] Best Instamojo Alternatives Payment Gateways in India

Instamojo Alternatives Payment Gateways

Are you looking for the Best Instamojo Alternatives Payment Gateways in 2020? Then, you got the right.

We all know that Instamojo is one of south India’s leading payment gateway company but many have already opt-out Instamojo just for some reason. So, today here I will share some pros & cons of Instamojo Payment Gateway with it’s best alternatives.

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Before let me know you about the Instamojo & Payment Gateways in India then we will cover the Instamojo Alternatives part.

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo in an online payment gateway which allows you to collect payments from your customers for personal/business purposes. Instamojo is a trusted & safe platform where your customer can pay with more than 168+ global & domestic payment options with ease & confidence.

I use the Instamojo Payments Gateway to collect payments for selling my courses & others. But I have found that somehow Instamojo deducts more charges than other payment gateways.

That’s why, I was looking for the best Instamojo Alternatives & finally I have found some which I have thought to share with you.

Before that let know about some unique features which makes Instamojo Payment gateway better than others.

Instamojo Features

Here is list of some few features which is only available at Instamojo payments gateway & nothing else.

  • Smart Links
  • Custom Collection
  • Selling Digital Products such as Pdfs, Ebooks, etc
  • Physical Selling
  • Refer & earn Rs.500
  • Reselling of Other Products (New)

But still, Instamojo charges 2%+₹3/- on each payment for regular payments & 5%+₹3/- for selling digital products like Pdf Files, Ebooks, etc. Also, you need to pay 18% of the total deducted amount as tax.

That’s why I have to move on to other cheaper payment gateway & I think you will also do like me.

Best Instamojo Alternatives Payment Gateway in 2020

1. PayU (Payu Money)

PayU (formerly known was PayU Money) is one of India’s oldest & trusted payment gateway providers. Brands like Airtel, Fast2SMS, Goibibo, Flipkart etc are using the PayU payment gateways for their business.

PayU supports startups & established business for the need like Instamojo. Their pricing is too simple.

PayUmoney charges flat 2% + GST (18%) for each transaction.

Example:- Customer Paid: ₹ 100 Transaction charge: ₹ 2 GST: ₹ 0.36 Amount settled: 100 – 2 – 0.36 = ₹ 97.64.

On the other hand if it was Instamojo then you will just get ₹94.10/- only.

2. Razorpay

Razorpay is now currently one of the most trending payment gateway company in India.

I have used Razorpay many times & have found that it’s super easy, safe & fully secured.

Razorpay pricing is too simple, you just need to pay 2% if it’s a domestic transaction & 3% if it’s done by internationally.

That means you can easily collect nay international transitions that you can’t do with Instamojo. Instamojo requires some additional criteria which you need to fill before you can collect any international transaction.

3. Paytm

Paytm payment gateway which is known as Paytm for Business is also a leading payment gateway company for India.

You will do not need to have a business certificate to use Paytm Payment Gateway and also it fully safe & secure.

Paytm’s TDR rate is 1.99% & GST+Taxes extra. So, it really a very low TDR Rate.

Paytm Payment Gateway supports all types of debit & credit cards & most of India’s major online banks but the main drawback of using Paytm Payment Gateway is you can’t collect payment from other wallet apps like PhonePe, Freecharge, Jio Money, etc as it only supports the Paytm Wallet payment option.

But for shop keepers & small personal payment collection Paytm for Business is highly recommended.

4. Cashfree

Cashfree is also a very good payment gateway company which you can prefer as an alternative to Instamojo.

The best feature that makes Cashfree more better which is instant next day settlement. I will highly recommend Cashfree if you’re looking for an Instamojo alternative for personal use.

Cashfree charges 1.75% for domestic transactions & 3.5%+₹7 for international transactions.

So, what’s your opinion about Cashfree Payment Gateway let me know in the comment box below,

5. PayKun

PayKun is also a trending payment gateway company from India like Cashfree. Their payment collecting system is too simple with many features.

Not only that have detailed help & FAQ page to setup & integrate the PayKun gateway with popular CMS and billing systems.

If you’re looking for a cheap budget payment gateway only for personal use the PayKun just perfect for you. Their TDR is too low just 1.75% on each domestic transactions & 3% on any international transaction.

I will highly recommend the PayKun if you don’t have any large online business.


Payment gateways have made the online payment system safe & secure. That’s why almost millions of online transactions done today in India. However, as per the post topic for personal payment collection, I will still prefer to use the Instamojo Payment Gateway if don’t have other choice.

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